I am currently working on a rather big project, you might hear about it on my social media platforms or even on here, if anyone even reads this. For now I wanna keep it silent because Im not quite so sure about how much the theme will shift during my brainstorming time :) I really wanna work on a quality body of work, that will translate well into a book of some sort. Thanks for beeing on my website and actually reading the stuff I put on here. Art photography is a rather strange thing to do from where I am from and I am very happy that I can share my thoughts on here with the one or two of you who read this :) Have a lovley day.



Some new news, I will do a solo exhibiton with over 20 pieces in september (2018) I will put the exact time and location on here as soon as I know them myself. The exhibit will be about my work on the project "mid minimalism". If your from Austria you might see me in some news papers.


I will also be part a of an exhibiton from "Kulturministerium Graz". More information will follow.