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René Böhmer

Analogue photographer from Graz, Austria.

If an image changes the way someone thinks and does that with pure and true honesty, it might be a good image.

About me


Hello my name is René Böhmer and I am a 18-year old photographer from Austria. I do personal projects, comissions and fine art photography. 2 years ago I started using an analogue camera and since then everything changed.

I sold my digital Fuji X-system and dedicated my life to the art of the darkroom and film photography. I can´t stop thinking about it. Its my life, my passion, my dream, my blood, my sweat. Photography keeps me awake during nights, makes me go crazy, makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me change how I think. Photography, visual thoughts, who I am described in a diffrent and fresh way. Breaking through the walls of simple communication and creating art for the sake of showing feelings. Beyond a snap or a setup shoot, beyond a sentence or a word, creating dimensions of expression which could not have been discovered in any other way. The secret of mankind, sweetly hidden under a sheet of plastic covered with a thin light sensitive coating.